Town planning and development advice

PLANET URBAN can provide advice on a range of town planning and development matters, including:
  • what type of development can be permitted on a particular site, having regard to its zoning and other relevant land use and development controls.

  • whether the site is large enough to accommodate a particular type of development.

  • what is the maximum permitted site coverage, density/floor space ratio and building height applying to a particular type of development on the site, applicable building setbacks, landscaped area and on-site parking requirements, etc.
(This information is particularly valuable to prospective purchasers, property developers and real estate agents in determining the potential for re-development or further development of a property, and is equally valuable to those looking to purchase, renovate or extend on an existing house, or build a new home. PLANET URBAN PROVIDES THIS INFORMATION IN THE FORM OF AN EASY TO READ REPORT, IN A TABULATED FORMAT, PROVIDING A SUMMARY OF THE RELEVANT NUMERICAL STANDARDS AND REQUIREMENTS APPLYING TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR PROPERTY, WHICH IS SITE SPECIFIC).
  • what documentation is required to be submitted with a Development Application to Council for a particular development type. This varies between Councils and the particular type of development proposed.